• June 13, 2024

Democrats Have New Slogan, Same Old Objectives And Faces

 Democrats Have New Slogan, Same Old Objectives And Faces

Fresh off major election loses, Democrats believe they have figured out why they keep losing. According Democrat Chuck Schumer, it’s because the American people don’t understand what the party stands for. Schumer acknowledged that Democrats were partially to blame for that condition. With that in mind, Democrats are coming out swinging at Republicans with a new slogan in hand and launched a public campaign to re-brand themselves hoping to wrest total control of Washington away from the GOP. “We are back,” Chuck Schumer said. “Democrats will show the country we are the party on the side of working people.”


But as Democrats tried to change the perception of themselves to that of the party offering “a better deal” for voters, they face one huge problem. How can you portray yourself as a champion of the people, when the people know you support and defend those that would destroy the very fabric of the country? It is no secret that every radical anti-American group finds its roots and support within the ranks of the Democrat Party. ANTIFA, BLM the Socialist Democrats and the Ku Klux Klan, all have their roots firmly planted in Liberal party soil.

These groups are bent on destroying the United States, our history, monuments, social values, even our personal freedoms including calling ourselves Men and Women. So sick are these social misfits that real Americans want nothing to do with them or the party that spawned and finances them. The GOP has some issues with RINO’s, but their fundamental beliefs in freedom, the Constitution and the Capitalist System out weights the negatives.

Democrats Know they failed to sell their message to voters and this new plan is designed to focus on jobs and other basic issues. Nancy Pelosi told fellow members; “We must have a strong middle class. Essential to the strength of the middle class is the financial stability of the working family. And essential to that are bigger paychecks.” But that is a strange message coming from someone that has voted for every tax increase and job killing bill put before her since she was elected.

Republicans called the Democrats efforts “recycled talking points.” Even Democrat speechwriters have criticized the slogan previously known as “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future” something that begs the question, “Better than what? Unemployment, minimum wage and anarchy in the streets?”

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said; “After losing to Republicans at the ballot box year-after-year, this is the best they have to offer? Today’s recycled Democrat talking points do nothing to change the fact that the far-left has taken hold of the Party and continues to push a message of more resistance and obstruction.”

Re-branding Democrats will change nothing, they have become the party of resistance. Resistance to prosperity, peace, invention, lower taxes, affordable medical care and the rule of Constitutional Law rather than emotion. The base of the Democrat Party is no longer made up of working Americans, it has become a Party of radical extremists who destroy buildings, burn cars and divide America. Anarchists along with Hollywood celebrities who are blinded by hatred of our Constitutionally elected President and the Ideals of our National Identity are now answering to the American People and still have much to learn and atone for.

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