Democrats Already Threatening Amy Coney Barrett Impeachment??

Almost immediately after being confirmed, anti-trumpers are calling for Justice Amy Coney Barrett to be impeached, unless she recuses herself from weighing in on an election challenge in Pennsylvania.

If she sides with the Republican party in an election challenge, it warrants an impeachment according to Democrats who are suggesting Trump wanted her to tilt the scales in his favor.

Barrett has refused to say if she would recuse herself from weighing in on a challenge, as there is no reason to feed into these hypotheticals. The issue centers around if mail in votes received in PA after the election should be counted. The Supreme Court did not make a ruling, partly due to the vacant justice seat.

Barrett was sworn into office on Tuesday morning at the Supreme Court, and will begin hearing cases next week.  

See some of the ludicrous demands from the left below:


Max Tucker

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