Dead Baby Found In Dumpster, Mom Arrested After Cops Find What’s In Infant’s Body [VIDEO]

A mother has been charged with murder after her baby boy was found rotting in a dumpster in Oklahoma after dying of a meth overdose.

According to Mail Online, it all began on April 9th when neighbors noticed a rancid smell coming from the community dumpster in their Oklahoma City trailer park. Once called to investigate, police began to search for the source of the odor only to find an odd trunk under some fabric and trash bags.

Officers opened the case to see what was inside only to find the contents concealed within a black trash bag. Much to their horror, they would rip it open to reveal a dead and heavily decomposed infant’s corpse along with a placenta and a large amount of blood.

Residents of the park quickly directed officers to the home of 26-year-old Kathryn Juanita Green after recognizing the trunk and having seen it around the woman’s home for the past several days. In fact, those close to the woman say that she had been acting very weird with regard to the trunk in question, even going so far as to become upset when anyone got too close to it.

Come to find out, Green was about 33 or 34 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to her stillborn child – but there was quite a bit more to this story as police would find out. In fact, a medical examination would find something inside of the baby’s body that immediately had police placing the deceased infant’s mother under arrest.

According to preliminary results, the baby met an intrauterine fetal demise, meaning it died in the womb, as a result of methamphetamine use its mother. In short, the stillborn baby was found with meth in its system as this pathetic excuse for a human being took drugs while she was pregnant and, ultimately, killed her child. But, that’s not all.

Once they took Green into custody, police would find out that the situation was even worse yet. Before the woman was questioned, officers noticed that she was squirming and fidgeting with her hands, making numerous motions from the vaginal area to the rectum area as she was in the interrogation room alone.

Of course, when they saw her remove something from her waistband and place it in her vaginal area, they went in to find out what it was. After securing a warrant, officers conducted a body search and found that she had quite a bit of methamphetamine stuffed inside both lower cavities.

Green faces up to 10 years to life imprisonment on the murder charge, up to five years imprisonment or up to a year in county jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000 on the corpse disposal charge, up to life imprisonment or up to a year in county jail and/or a fine of $500 to $5,000 on the child neglect charge, up to five years imprisonment and a fine of up to $5,000 on the meth charge and up to a year in county jail and a fine of up to $500 on the obstruction charge.

Unfortunately, it looks like this woman is going to get off easy. If ever there was a reason for the death penalty, this would be it. When you have so little regard for an innocent child’s life that you end up killing it in order to serve your own selfish needs, you’ve effectively rendered your own life irrelevant. People need to start holding monsters like this responsible for what they did, and when it comes down to it, this kind of evil needs to be wiped off the face of the planet for good.

Article Sources: Mad World News

Photo Credit: Ratchet Fights

Video Credit: KOCO5 News/Youtube


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