David Spade Had A Few Choice Words After Meeting The ‘Catch Me Outside’ Girl



On September 15, 2016, The Dr. Phil Show’s official YouTube channel uploaded a clip in which the 13-year-old girl appeared on the show with her mother in a segment entitled “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime.” Danielle had been implicated in a number of juvenile felonies, including the attempted theft of a crew member’s car when the episode was filming.

When members of the studio audience began laughing at her, Danielle became irritated and called them “a bunch of hoes,” before challenging them to “catch me outside” (fight her outside). Danielle’s slurred exclamation, coupled with her feisty attitude, conspired to make her a viral hit, and the YouTube video of the incident has since accrued over 27,000 000 views.

Since then, Danielle has managed to capitalise on her fame, and has signed numerous sponsorship deals and is in talks to star in her own reality TV series. Despite the surge of attention, her behaviour hasn’t improved. In fact, if the numerous videos of her starting fights are anything to go by, she’s actually gotten worse! She’s been criticised as a bad influence by numerous people before now, but now comedian David Spade, who has actually had the (dis)pleasure of meeting her personally has shared his thoughts on the “Cash Me Outside, Howbow Dah?” girl. Needless to say, they aren’t too kind.123123123123123

Spade, the actor and comedian famous for his appearances on Saturday Night Live, and for starring in movies such as Tommy Boy, Joe Dirt, Grown Ups, and The Emperor’s New Groove, allegedly bumped into Danielle Bregoli in a chance encounter at a bar. Although Spade took the opportunity to pose for a selfie with her, apparently the delinquent teen failed to recognise him. This prompted Spade to write “How bow dis. @bhadbhabie is slightly underwhelmed to meet me. Unfortunately she stopped being famous five minutes before this was taken” when he shared the image on his Instagram account.

A number of Spade’s Twitter followers stuck up for Danielle however, and accused the comedian of taking advantage of a confused and misguided adolescent: so much so that he was forced to explain to the public that the picture had been uploaded to Instagram by someone else, and that he was merely sharing it.

Bregoli herself chimed in on the controversy, and  posted a screenshot of Spade’s Instagram post and captioned it: “No lie, I thought this was the waiter.” Yikes – she might be young but she sure knows how to retort to an insult. Danielle has been pretty busy lately, and recently she even made and produced her own unofficial music video.


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