“Daddy, This Is Weird…” Father Becomes Enraged After Daughter Brings “Perverted” Item Home From School

A father became furious after learning that her 12-year old daughter has brought a book, which he called as the “50 Shades of Grey For Kids”.

But, one Kernersville, North Carolina, father found that wasn’t the case when his 12-year-old daughter brought home a book back in September of 2015 and said, “Daddy, this is weird.”

He described the book as “50 Shades of Grey for kids.”

Travis Vanhoy’s daughter — a student at East Forsyth Middle School — explained her book assignment, which was to read a selection titled “Real Live Boyfriends.” After turning a few pages, he was furious.

“And if you don’t like me that much anymore, why do you like grabbing my boob?” an excerpt read.

“Eventually when his hand roamed up my dress toward my butt … ” another one said.

Vanhoy was sickened by the passages he read in the book.

“It’s telling my 12-year-old daughter — in my mind — that it’s okay for a boy to touch her and do these things to her,” he said.

School officials said if parents had any problems with the book, which is listed as “young adult fiction” on Amazon, they should contact their child’s school directly.

Protecting a child’s innocence in the age of the Internet, Netflix and cable television is not an easy task, as they’re bombarded with this sort of thing at every turn.

Exposing them through school literature in their pre-teen years is like pouring salt in the wound. It’s an obvious attempt by the left to desensitize our children to sexual immorality as early as possible.

“This is shameful. The George Soros open society is here and will destroy our children if allowed. Most children are innocent but some want them to grow up too fast. There is no way to protect our children except to give them a strong upbringing with morals, values and ethics. Very strong difference between right and wrong. May God have mercy on us all,” one mad reader wrote.

“More parents should look at homeschooling. If one is unable to homeschool alone, find other parents who feel the same, and all work together in the capacity each is better qualified to contribute,” another commented.

Article Sources: Conservative Tribune

Photo Credit: Conservative Tribune, Right Wing Tribune

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