Dad Tells Teachers Offended By Son’s Political T-Shirt: Get Over It (Photos)

Richard Gautier who lives in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, shared the photo of his son to his Facebook page (The post was already removed) and described the interaction between the student and his teacher when he arrived to class with the shirt on.

After seeing just 3 brutal words about Hillary Clinton on a student’s t-shirts, an outraged liberal teacher just couldn’t help but say something to the boy. Unfortunately for her, the kid would respond with a simple 4-word reply that made everything so much better – and it was just about enough to make her head explode.

So…Mason wore his “Hillary for Prison 2016” shirt to school today. One of his Clinton-supporting teachers whom he’s has political discussions with asked, “Did you wear that for me?”

His reply, “No, for Chris Stevens.”

Mic drop.

As it turns out, Mason recently decided to wear a t-shirt to school that depicted just three simple words – Hillary for Prison. Although he didn’t think anything more than it being an expression of his opinion, apparently one of his teachers took some serious offense.

The post quickly went viral, with many praising the student for his response to the teacher.

“AWESOME! Now that’s a young man who is being raised up right!” one viewer commented.

“Kid has got some nades. He got’em from his gene pool,” another wrote.

It’s a little shocking that Mason actually knows his teacher’s political preference. One can only hope that the conversations were friendly and took place on account of his own desire. A teacher shouldn’t be voluntarily forcing their political opinions on influential children.


Sources: Opposing Views

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