• April 13, 2024

Customer Has Waitress Meet Him In Parking Lot, But Then He Points To Pile Of Junk Blue Car [WATCH]

 Customer Has Waitress Meet Him In Parking Lot, But Then He Points To Pile Of Junk Blue Car [WATCH]

While the world continues to rage about how much to tip, who to tip, and whether to tip at all, we can at least agree on one thing: the bar for most generous tip ever has been reset. Out in Missouri, a Cracker Barrel waitress got a car from two customers who just racked up enough good karma to last seven lifetimes.

Every time Gary and Roxann ate at Cracker Barrel, they noticed Cindi pulled up in a old clunker of a car. The driver’s-side window had been broken out, the hood was barely attached and the headlights weren’t functional. The car was in very poor shape.

But, with a disabled son at home and mountains of bills, a new ride just wasn’t in the cards for Cindi.

That’s why the Tacketts decided to do something special for their favorite waitress. At first they thought about repairing Cindi’s car for her – then another idea crossed their minds!

During their next Cracker Barrel meal, Gary and Roxann asked for the other staff members’ help to give Cindi the best tip ever!

Cindi’s manager brought her out to the parking lot where the couple was waiting patiently. With a huge smile on his face, Gary handed over the keys to a 2008 Ford Fusion and walked her over to her brand new car!

The kind-hearted server was shocked by what the Tacketts had done and amazed by her gorgeous new car!

The couple’s daughter posted the video to YouTube calling her parents “the most generous, kind-hearted, loving people” she knows.

In addition to the new ride, Grady says her insurance agent waived their fees to help get her on the road right away. She now calls it the best tip ever, just in time for Christmas.

“This was the nicest gift I have ever gotten and from barely strangers,” Grady said in a Facebook post. “I’m still shell shocked.”

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