• February 22, 2024

Couple Stages Daughter’s Death, Husband Encouraged Wife With A Simple Gesture [VIDEO]

 Couple Stages Daughter’s Death, Husband Encouraged Wife With A Simple Gesture [VIDEO]

Rosalin Baker, 25-year-old, was given the “thumbs up” by boyfriend, Jeffrey Wiltshire, 52-year-old, as she rides the number 25 in Stratford, east London, holding the body of their 16-week-old daughter, Imani, who was at the time already dead.

According to reports, Baker tried hard to act out a “nightmare” charade, asking fellow passengers for help and saying her baby was fatally sick.

But Imani, who was born prematurely, was already dead after being subjected to at least three severe attacks and flung on the floor.

Call records also showed Baker sent her sister a text message which read “Imani is dead sis x”.

The infant was pronounced dead in hospital and her parents went on to give a false account to police, even to the point of denying Wiltshire was the father.

According to the medical findings, the baby had a broken wrist and at least 40 rib fractures. She also injured a fractured skull and brain injury “as the result of being thrown against the floor or an upright surface” which led to her unfortunate death.

Baker had been receiving “intervention” from medical professionals and social services since the birth up until the last week of the baby’s life, legal documents stated.

A young commuter, Fjoralba Shmitz, wept in court as she desperately recalls how everyone tried to help save the life of a dead baby on a bus, while the mother sat ‘relaxed’ on her phone.

Ms. Shmitz told the court, through an Italian interpreter. “She said, “there’s something wrong with my baby”.

“I saw the baby’s face, I touched her left cheek. It was cold. I straight away tried to take the baby out of the sling.”

“I took the baby and I laid her down on the bus seat. The baby was not breathing. I tried to help but I didn’t manage to. The baby had lips that were cold.”

“She did not have any reaction. She was not crying, she was not shouting, she was not speaking and there were other passengers on the bus too who were asking if it was my son.”

“I became distressed because the baby was there not moving. The mother was sitting there and did not have any reaction.”

The couple denies the murder charge, causing or allowing the death of their child. The investigation is still under process.

Source: Daily Mail

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