Couple Opens Amazon Package And Receives Disgusting Surprise

A couple from New Hampshire reportedly opened a box from Amazon over the weekend, but instead of seeing the products they ordered, they received a bag of medical waste.

Danielle McKenzie said her husband first noticed that something was awry when he was able to smell the container, WHDH Boston reports. After opening the parcel, he realized there must have been a mistake, whether with Amazon’s distribution and supply-chain services or the company that delivered the package.

“It looked like there were probably 40 or 50 used ultra sound, or EKG little patchy things, with all of the tubing attached to them,” said Danielle, adding that there was a lot of “sticky gel stuff.”

Medical waste in a special trash bag. [Shutterstock - MAGNIFIER]

Before handing the potentially dangerous package over to a local fire department for proper disposal, Danielle contacted Amazon to ask why she was delivered a biohazard.

The Amazon spokesperson “was very, very apologetic. She was mortified and could not believe what was going on,” Danielle said.

While Amazon purveys medical waste containers and is extending itself into a vast array of industries, it does not seem to work with companies in the disposal of such refuse or sewage.

“We’ve worked directly with the customer to make things right,” an Amazon spokesman told The Daily Caller News Foundation, while declining to elaborate further.

Source: Daily Caller

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