Couple Furious After They Saw What Photo Shop Did to Their Pictures

Jordan Areaux and her boyfriend Masyn Lehl found out they were going to have a baby.  They decided to do a photo shoot as a way of telling their families about the happy event.  They posed for pictures while holding a board stating the due date on it.  They took the photos into Meijers, a Midwestern grocery chain.  (BTW Meijer was experimenting with automatic check out lines over 10 years ago.  Not the small ones but the full line)  The couple were then going to display the photos to both of their families but 2 employees in the photo department posted them on the web and everyone, including the families knew before the couple had a chance to do it their way.  Meijers fired both employees.

Employees at the photo lab took pictures of Areaux’s announcement and began texting it to various friends, all without their consent

“This was the screenshot that was sent to me of the photo that was taken before I had even showed anyone,” she said.
The 23-year-old says she went to high school with some of the girls in the photo lab, who took pictures of her pictures and started texting them around, with comments like “congrats?” and “You didn’t tell me you were going to be a dad.”

“I was really upset, angry, it was supposed to be a surprise, and now half of Allegan knew,” Areaux said.

Worst of all, she says, the photos made it all the way to both her and her boyfriend’s family long before the carefully planned Christmas surprise.
“I think the girls were trying to start drama and be mean,” Areaux said

“The team members involved in the incident no longer work for Meijer,” the said. “We followed our standard protocol and once we received the complaint we immediately started an investigation. All photo department team members are required to adhere to a strict confidentiality policy.”
The workers could face criminal charges, with the potential for civil suits, citing invasion of privacy and defamation.


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