Couple Adopts Child From Russia Then Decides To Give Him Away On Internet


A couple reportedly decided they did not want their adopted son any longer, so they gave him away to a complete stranger.

When Dmitri Stewart was 5 years old, he was adopted from a Russian orphanage by an American couple, RT reports. When he was a teenager, and after his adoptive parents had biological children, Dmitri’s family no longer wanted him.

“It didn’t really feel like I was their kid,” said Dmitri, now a young adult.

Through underground online groups that provide a way for people to give away unwanted adopted children, the Stewarts found Megan Exon, a woman who moderated adoption bulletin boards. She put the Stewarts in touch with Nicole and Calvin Eason. Nicole, who marketed herself as an aspiring mother who ran a home school, was not who she claimed to be.

“It was just this little tiny shack basically,” Dmitri said. “I kind of looked at my Dad and said, ‘No, you can’t be serious.'”

“There wasn’t even a desk there,” he said of the nonexistent home school.

Dmitri said the Easons had their biological children taken away from them by the state and were not allowed to have any more or to adopt.

“That’s why they were doing this underground thing,” he said.

A month after Dmitri was given to the Easons, Exon found out that Nicole had been married to a pedophile. She went to get Dmitri to remove him from the Easons care.

Dmitri was sent to a group home where he felt safe with his new guardians. He has a warning for people who look online for adoptions: “You just never know who’s going to be out there looking for kids. There’s sick people out there everywhere.”

According to Reuters, Nicole was later convicted in a separate case on charges of kidnapping and transporting a minor across state lines for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.


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