COPS Return Fire During Drive By Shooting [VIDEO]

A man was shot and killed Friday by off-duty deputies outside a bar in east Harris County, authorities said.

An unnamed 27 year old man was shot and killed by Harris County Sheriff Deputies at around 2 am Friday morning. The three deputies were working extra duty at Johnny B’s Outlaw Saloon in Houston when a fight broke out in the parking lot.


The video starts out with several men in the parking lot of the bar scuffling with each other. Three shots can be heard behind the camera man, followed by the three deputies opening fire on the shooter inside the vehicle.


Reports state that the driver of the blue Cadillac opened fire into the crowd that was fighting. The passenger of the vehicle is ordered out by two officers as the third officer covers the shooter (who is now filled with holes).

Fortunately, for everyone else at the bar, the shooter had piss poor marksmanship and no-one else was injured.



Rafael Smith

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