Congresswoman Who Wants To Impeach Trump: White House Team Is “BUNCH OF SCUMBAGS”

Rep. Maxine Waters blasted Donald Trump, his cabinet and Russia on MSNBC Tuesday night.

The California Democrat explained that she views President Trump’s foreign policy team as primarily concerned with easing American pressure on Russia.

“[Secretary of State Rex] Tillerson’s real job is to get in there and get those sanctions lifted,” she stated. “But all of them want them lifted, because this clan, this Kremlin Klan, is all about getting the oil and gas money.”

Waters’s criticism widen into a more general critique the president’s choice of advisers. “These people are all organized around oil and gas. Why are they in the administration?” she asked.

Turning to the main Democratic talking point of Russian election interference, Waters expanded her speculation into a wider neo-Soviet plot. “Why do you think they hacked into our election? Because they had to make sure that Donald Trump got elected so he can help them with what I think is a huge deal. Not only to lift these sanctions, but to take over the Soviet countries and pull them back into the Soviet Union.”

The congresswoman closed with her harshest words for the Trump team. “This is a bunch of scumbags. That is what they are.”


E. Goldstein

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