Congressional Term Limits Would Put a LOT of Lawmakers Out of Work


President Donald Trump’s proposal to put congressional term limits in place could spell trouble for nearly half of its members if they are looking to keep their jobs.

His plan entails creating a constitutional amendment limiting lawmakers to serving three terms, or six years, in the House, and two terms, or 12 years, in the Senate.

While it’s unclear whether Trump wants the change to be retroactive, Time reports it would put 48.2 percent of members out of work.

Fifty-one percent of House members (226) have exceeded six years in office. Sixty-seven Democrats and 159 Republicans would be eligible to stay in their positions.

The Senate wouldn’t be hit quite as hard, with just 32 percent exceeding the cap — 19 of which would be Republicans and 15 would be Democrats.

Despite potentially ousting them from their jobs, a number of GOP lawmakers have supported Trump’s proposal to “drain the swamp.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has served nearly 18 years in the House, recently told reporters he has long been in favor of the idea.

“I’ve always supported term limits,” he said. “I’ve long been a fan of term limits. I don’t know where other members stand, but I’ve always been in favor of that.”


E. Goldstein

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