• April 17, 2024

Was Fake Bomber Sayoc Really a Democrat?

 Was Fake Bomber Sayoc Really a Democrat?

Fake bomber Sayoc’s social media profile has largely been scrubbed so there is not a lot to discover about his past beyond what has been publicized. His profile does sound more like your typical Democrat. Republicans tend not to be destitute male strippers obsessed with themselves. While a lot of us have a little bit of narcissism, with Democrats it is epidemic. Anyway a Mylife profile was found in the web archives. It describes him as a Democrat, among other things.

However, this post is questionable. It was archived on October 26. There is nothing earlier. It did get his birth date right, according to arrest documents, and listed some of his aliases, but little else. Anyone can create a profile in Mylife. There is a more recent profile of him on the Mylife website now. It is an obvious gag, describing him as a Republican with an income of under $10k but assets over $1 million. It lists his religion as Scientology. Yesterday it had all kinds of gag stuff on it. Despite his felony record, Florida lists him in its voter database as a registered republican.

Mylife has the bizarre feature of letting others edit profiles. So it is unreliable at best. If he actually was put up to do this, one possibility is that the Mylife post identifying him as a Democrat was created deliberately to discredit the idea that he was a Democrat. That’s right. This is a disinformation tactic, used for example by the KGB, to discredit an idea that is actually true. You produce “proof” that what your opponent wants to believe is true. But the “proof” is later proven to be fake, thereby discrediting those who believed it, and thus discrediting the whole idea.

Perhaps he was just a lunatic. It does seem difficult to believe that the Democrats could cook this up a few weeks before the election, and keep this guy around registered as a Republican for just such a purpose.

But it all just seems a little too convenient. It would be interesting to know where he got this T-shirt. It is a copy of one of his van posters — which were all professionally done. A lot of work just to say “Trump,” especially for someone with financial problems.

We will probably never know the truth.

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