Concerned Citizen Sees Woman Breastfeeding On The Ground, Then He Notices The Blood [VIDEO]

An astonishing moment in which a mother, who was severely injured from a motorcycle crash was aware enough to breastfeed her child, was captured on film (video below).

The video, originally uploaded to LiveLeak on June 22, was taken after the mother crashed into a car on her motorcycle, according to The Huffington Post. The incident reportedly took place in Brazil.

The woman can be seen calmly feeding her toddler as onlookers gather to see if she is OK. Her bloody leg appears to be broken in at least two places.

The motorcycle, presumably belonging to the mother, is seen pinned under the front of a car.

Another person sitting near the mother appears to have been injured in the accident as well.

Comments posted by viewers on LiveLeak include a mixture of admiration for the woman’s motherly priorities and criticism for the mother riding a motorcycle with her toddler, if that was, in fact, the case.

“She knows her priorities,” one commenter wrote. “Good mom.”

“If that baby was riding on the bike with them, then she is a horrible mother and her kid should be removed before it’s too late,” another user wrote.

Sources: The Huffington Post, LiveLeak

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