Comey Does Most Disgusting Thing in Oval Office Since Monica Lewinsky…Comey to Jail?

Speaking of Monica Lewinsky, did you know that she and Bill Clinton had one major thing in common.  They both smoked but didn’t inhale.  (See blue dress)  Now, we learn that back in February, James Comey visited the White House and was in the oval office, when he did the most disgusting thing.

President Trump had to leave the Oval Office for a moment to take a call from Melania.  As soon as he was gone, Comey blew his nose on the curtains in the Oval Office.  The revelation was the result of the investigative journalism by the American Spectator.

There is a video of Comey cleaning out the old sinuses but that is in the hands of the Director of the Department of Justice Jeff Sessions, so he can decide whether to charge Comey with destruction of government property.

Many, including myself thinks this was an intentional act to show disrespect to the president.  It could lead to prison for Comey, although I doubt it but they will likely release the video for it’s embarrassment factor.  The maximum sentence is 3 years.

 Whether Mr. Comey’s act involved the destruction of government property is at this point in time still unknown, though he has a powerful nose and the curtains are fragile. As for now, the surveillance tapes have been handed over to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who will make a determination as to possible criminality of Mr. Comey’s actions. Destruction of government property is punishable by a much as three years in prison and a fine.

Among The Spectator’s sources were three current and former U. S. officials who cannot be identified because of their prior commitments. Also there has been an additional problem with one of them, the former government official who has a drinking problem.

Mr. Comey could not be reached by The Spectator for comment. The White House too was unavailable for comment. Yet The Spectator is continuing its investigation and will have more information as developments reveal themselves.

H/T American Spectator


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