College Students Push For College Professor To Be Fired For HEARING Words They Don’t Like

That headline is not an error. A professor is being “boycotted” on campus, students are dropping his class, the university is investigating him, all because he and his wife SAW AND HEARD what happened at a rally students don’t approve of.

At Skidmore College in New York, professor David Peterson is being targeted by the mob. Why? Because he and his wife, apparently for about 20 minutes on their way to dinner, stood passively nearby while a pro-police rally was underway, and counter protesters were confronting the rally-goers.

For that obviously evil crime of having the senses of sight and hearing, students are actively and with some success attempting to drive him off campus, and to have both Petersons fired from their respective jobs.

Via Reason:

But unbeknownst to Peterson, the couple’s attendance at the rally was noticed. Now Skidmore students are demanding that both Peterson be fired for “engaging in hateful conduct that threatens Black Skidmore students,” according to Times-Union columnist Chris Churchill, who wrote about the controversy.

“Merely listening to an opinion that some Skidmore students find objectionable is apparently enough to get a professor in hot water,” writes Churchill.

Of course it’s enough. This is what liberals are teaching American children and young adults. It’s what the BLM movement is born from. Well that and outright Marxism.

Students are railing against him to the university and online, and have even taped a note to his door warning other students not to attend his classes or else.




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