College Students Love Socialism, But Then They’re Asked To Define It… [VIDEO]

Campus Reform recently took to the streets of Washington D.C. to try to gauge the opinions of college students about the increasingly popular form of government imposed by some of histories most notorious mass murdering despots: socialism. To the surprise of no one who watched the stunning success of an obscure septuagenarian senator from Vermont in the Democratic primaries, most of the students Campus Reform talked to were big fans of socialism, which they agreed would “really benefit our country.” The only problem is that the same students who were so clearly amped up about installing the preferred political system of Che Guevara and Joseph Stalin were less clear about what socialism is. In fact, most had no idea how to define it whatsoever.

It’s easy to say that those running academia have “failed” to educate these students about socialism, but the truth is, this degree of uniform endorsement of a feelings-based, utopian vision of a system is exactly what so many left-wing academics actually want. This is not failure in their eyes; it’s success.

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