Christian School Teacher FIRED After A Father Discovered These HOT Selfies [PHOTOS]

It all centers around a woman who sent nude photos of herself to others, not planning on those photos ever being found by anyone else. Of course, history shows us that things don’t always work out that way, and her students’ parents ended up seeing her NSFW images on the Internet. To make matters worse, the teacher in question lied about their origins — and the consequences for all of this are much worse than she could have planned for. Read more of this shocking and scandalous story below.

Jamie Climie was a teacher at a Christian high school in Ohio. She is a married mom who seemed to dedicate her life to teaching and her students. But it turns out, Climie had a scandalous side. Risque photos of her were posted online a year ago, where they were discovered by a parent of one of her students. She claimed that her phone had been stolen, and that someone must have posted them online.

But now, police know that she wasn’t telling the truth. New evidence has emerged that proves there’s much more to Climie’s story than meets the eye. Apparently, the photos ended up online by way of another person. This turned out to be a lie. She had sent these photos to another person who subsequently posted them online without her consent.

She didn’t post them online, but she lied to the police about how they got there. She said she’d only sent the photos to her husband — that turned out to be a lie. Whoever she sent them to posted them on a site called My Ex. There, they got over 100,000 views.


Embarrassment is likely what kept her from telling the truth. But given the fact that she’d already been caught, it would have been wise to tell the truth to police, even if it was embarrassing. She was subsequently fired from her job, and members of the community haven’t exactly been kind to her.3

“Really sad, but not surprising,” said one. “I’ve seen her at the gym and heard rumors about her and others before. Feel terrible for the husband and kids.” Another anonymous community member even insinuated that much more was going on. Another claimed Climie, who taught at the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, was “not innocent” and had been fired from another school for “inappropriate behavior with her students”.

Climie was subsequently charged with obstruction of police business. Some people thought it unfair that she was fired from her job, but others thought she had no business being a teacher if she was going to do something like this.

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