Chicago PD Gives Homeless Man A Ticket, And Then Takes It One Step Further [VIDEO]

A video showing a Chicago police officer bestowing a gesture of kindness upon a homeless man has recently gone viral.

According to WGN the two officers had recently witnessed the man panhandling near the Eisenhower Express at Central.

“We saw him blocking traffic from the Eisenhower off ramp,” Officer White said. “We ended up approaching him because we felt he was going to harm himself or create a car accident.”

They wrote him a ticket but they also noticed his jacket wasn’t very warm.

“Knowing that it was still cold, I said, ‘Next time I see you, I’ll bring you a jacket.’” Officer White said.

Officer White took one of his own and put it in the squad car. They drove around with it for weeks before they saw the man again. Then delivered the jacket

Officer Osborne says he was surprised when he posted the video on Facebook and saw the reaction.

“I just thought our friends would see something positive about the police department. There’s been so much negative and it was a nice moment,” Officer Osborne said.

The 40-second clip was uploaded to Facebook by Officer Bob Osborne on Jan. 30 with the following caption:

“My partner Pete doing a good deed. We wrote this guy a ticket 3 weeks ago and he had a thin little jacket so Pete promised him that he would bring him his old coat. When we finally saw him again Pete gave him his coat. See Pete White you are not such a bad guy. CPD is the best!”

In the video, Officer White is seen getting out of the driver’s seat of his police cruiser as a man approaches from across the street. He then goes into the back seat and grabs a winter coat. The man thanks White as he helps him into the coat and zips it up.

“No ticket today, just the jacket,” Osborne says off camera.

WGN reports the random act of kindness has since been turned into a coat and clothing drive so officers can hand them out when the see someone in need.

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