Chelsea Clinton Says Child Marriage and Climate Change are Connected Issues [VIDEO]

On Monday, Chelsea Clinton was a panelist at the Care meeting.  During the time on the panel she claimed that child brides are related to climate change.  What the hell is she saying?  Do child brides cause global warming or does global warming cause child brides?  And do you know what their description of her was?   “Activist, thought leader, and change agent.” On what freaking planet?  She may be active but if she ever had an original thought in her head it would die of loneliness and the only change she brings about is I go from healthy to nauseous every time she opens her mouth.

 “[We] carry multiple concerns in both our head and our heart. Just listening to the concerns around education and climate change, women’s health, child marriage, access to technology, all of those are of course interconnected. We have to focus on each of them in their interconnectedness.”

Clinton also suggested that President Donald Trump’s political ascendance was amplifying varying bigotries:

“We have to realize, especially at this moment, that sexism is not an opinion. Islamophobia is not an opinion. Racism is not an opinion. Homophobia is not an opinion. Jingoism is not an opinion. So I think that in our posture of listening, we also have to get comfortable with standing up and speaking out.”

The event was hosted by CARE, a left-wing 501(c)(3) public charity that agitates for international wealth redistribution under the guise of “foreign aid,” “international development,” and “humanitarianism.”

Michelle Nunn, the event’s host, said Trump’s perceived skepticism toward “foreign assistance” threatens the lives of millions of people. She channeled left-wing prescriptions for central economic planning reminiscent of Jeffrey Sachs:

“We’re still facing massive general cuts in foreign assistance in the 2018 budget. It would literally cripple our aid efforts, and millions of people would suffer as a result. This conference is titled ‘NOW MORE THAN EVER’ for a very good reason, and that’s because now more than ever your voices are critical to preserve America’s leadership in global development.

H/T Daily Wire

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