Chelsea Clinton Irresponsibly Forgot Something, And People Are NOT Happy [PHOTOS]


Social media has been abuzz with many users expressing feelings of being upset and others downright angry. Photos were taken and circulated online showing 37-year-old Chelsea Clinton hailing and then climbing into the backseat of a New York Taxi with her daughter, 2-year-old Charlotte, in tow — with no car seat in sight.

According to the Daily Mail, Chelsea was taking Charlotte to her nursery program in New York City on March 9 and appeared to be hailing a cab outside her apartment.

The mother and daughter were photographed jumping into the cab. Some social media users noticed that Clinton did not use a car seat and they were not too happy about it.

“So. Rich people who live in NYC don’t have to obey the laws?” wrote one commenter. “Deblasio Land…. CPS does not do it’s job anyway.”

Other commenters were less worried about the car seat, and appeared more concerned about the little’s girl’s attire.


“She’s in ny getting a taxi. Doesn’t need a car seat,” observed the commenter. “But why is she wearing a dress she’s outgrown?”

Charlotte stayed at the nursery program for about two hours before her mother picked her up. They ended up walking back to their apartment, Daily Mail reported.

This is the second time this week the former first daughter has been subjected to criticism on social media.

On March 7, Clinton took to Twitter to share a photo of one of her daughter’s favorite meals in honor of National Pancake Day.

“Spinach pancakes for #NationalPancakeDay (we won’t eat them all tonight although Charlotte would if we let her)!” Clinton tweeted.

The majority of Twitter users were seemingly not fans of the dish.

“Please don’t ruin food,” wrote one Twitter user. “Pancakes have no spinach. Plus you need maple syrup.”

“I love spinach and I love pancakes but these are going to get a hard pass from me,” wrote another.

“Why would you do this to a poor pancake on its big day?” tweeted another concerned user.

“This is why y’all lost the election,” observed another.

Other Twitter users showed some interest in the spinach pancakes, prompting Clinton to share the recipe.

“We +pureed spinach which we blend after steaming to our regular pancake recipe but with a little less mix — Hope that makes sense!” Clinton tweeted.

“I think they’re very good! Admittedly I like spinach and pancakes!” Clinton wrote in a response to a separate positive tweet.

Clinton also explained that the spinach pancakes have more to do with her daughter’s health.

“Dear internet, my daughter needs +iron so we put spinach in everything we can,” she tweeted the following day. “The pancakes may not be pretty but she eats them(&their iron).”


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