Armed Police Officers DENIED Service at Cheesecake Factory

A policy miscommunication led to the barring of six state DOC officers from a local Cheesecake Factory.

DOC employee Miriam Nichols posted on the restaurant’s Facebook Tuesday that she and five other employees walked in wearing their uniforms, badge, and guns.

“We were told the guns are not allowed,” she wrote. “Whether you are law enforcement or not, they are not welcome.”


According to The News Tribune, the manager on duty misunderstood the restaurant policy on law enforcement having service weapons in the restaurant.

The next day, Cheesecake Factory officials reached out and apologized.


“It was a misunderstanding, and they’re rectifying that situation,” DOC spokesman Jeremy Barclay said. “They actually support law enforcement officers being in their restaurant and having their service weapons on them.”


H/T: The News Tribune

E. Goldstein

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