Check Out The Never-Ending Handshake Between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron [VIDEO]

There has been a lot of attention paid to President Donald Trump’s alpha-dog power-grip handshake. I mean, a lot of attention. So when Trump met French President Emmanuel Macron for the first time in May, everyone noticed Macron’s intense handshake with Trump in which he forcefully gripped Trump’s hand for an extended period of time.

With Trump taking a short trip to France for Bastille Day at Macron’s request, all eyes were on how the two men would interact. In this instance, the two men seemingly couldn’t keep their hands off each other, as the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman noted:

nd that’s what we saw during their goodbyes today. The two world leaders gripped hands for what seemed like forever — OK, it was about 25 seconds — with Trump bringing Macron’s wife into the action. (Earlier this week, Trump’s standard yank-and-pull shake with Brigitte Macron raised eyebrows.)

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