Charlatan Pastors In Texas Speak Out Against Transgender Bathroom Bill

Texas pastors can’t agree on whether the state’s latest bathroom bill is good for the community, or not.

One group of religious leaders met to oppose the “Women’s Privacy Act,” reports the Texas Tribune.

Leaders at First United Methodist Church called the transgender bathroom bill “discriminatory” at a press conference. They said the bill goes against their religious teachings.

“Today, there is a systematic effort underway to make LGBTQ people second-class citizens in this state,” said Taylor Fuerst, a pastor at the church. “When such an injustice is done in the name of religion … faith leaders and people of faith cannot be silent. Our faith, our God calls us to stand up and speak out, and that’s why we’re here today.”

Other pastors spoke out against the bill at the press conference. Rev. David Wynn described the bill as an attempt to “legalize discrimination” while  Dr. Rev. Neil Cazares-Thomas called the bill hateful.

The  Texas Pastor Council (TXPC) discussed the bill in a closed meeting with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton and others.

“SB 6 simply assures that no city, county or Independent School District may adopt policies that allow a person to use the restroom, shower, locker room or changing facility of the opposite biological sex in government-owned and operated buildings, or force businesses or contractors to do so. That is not only reasonable, it has become necessary,” a spokesman for TXPC said in a statement.

The Women’s Privacy Act, also known as Senate Bill 6, would require that people use the bathroom according to their biological sex in public buildings and schools. Businesses are able to create their own policies for bathroom use.

North Carolina came under fire for creating a similar bill. Their bathroom bill, HB2, regulated bathroom use as well. People vocally opposed the legislation. Many businesses and celebrities boycotted the state.


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