Cellphone Footage Captures Brutal Road Rage Attack Against Elderly Cyclist [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Graphic cell phone footage captures a brutal, bloody road rage incident where an enraged driver viciously beats an elderly man on a bicycle for allegedly “hitting his truck”.

According to Crime Online:

A driver of a Dodge Ram, identified as David Fox, 65, of Peterborough, reportedly exited his truck and attacked a cyclist with a small club. Cellphone footage caught the fight as the suspect sat on top of the victim and started beating him in the head.

The woman filing the incident ran up to the men fighting and called Fox “disgusting.” As more witnesses started walking towards the gruesome scene, Fox backed away and exclaimed that the victim hit his truck.

One of the witnesses asked where Fox’s truck got hit while others attempted to stop him from leaving, but he sped away.

“Where am I bleeding?” the dazed suspect asked the woman after she checked on him.

Paramedics arrived and took the cyclist away while authorities tracked down Fox and arrested him with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. The victim was treated at a local hospital in Ontario.

The woman told authorities that she started filming the incident when she saw the suspect walked towards the cyclist with a bat.

“He was coming at him, and coming at him hard. As soon as I saw him with that raised bat in his hand, I was like, oh my God, oh my God.”
Other witnesses told police that while the driver appeared to have sustained a head wound, the victim bled profusely from the top of his head after the attack.

“According to the criminal code a charge of aggravated assault would apply when a person is either maimed, wounded, disfigured or when the assault would involve endangering the life of that person,” Peterborough Police spokesperson Lauren Gilchrist said.

WARNING: Graphic Video

Source: Crime Online

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