• June 12, 2024

CCTV Records Quiet Day: Then All Hell Breaks Loose [VIDEO]

 CCTV Records Quiet Day: Then All Hell Breaks Loose [VIDEO]

A CCTV camera was recording a quiet and boring day, when things began to shatter that peace and quiet.  You see a man walking by and dropping his cigarette into a hole that turned out to be a sewer line that had built up pressure.  That was followed by a loud explosion and general chaos in the surrounding area.

 The sewage pipe explosion in the video below occurred in Kiev, Ukraine on Monday. Although it happened in a foreign country less than a week ago, the clip has already gone viral across the globe.

As you watch, you’ll see the pavement suddenly start to bubble up as the loose sewage moves the ground. Then just 4-seconds into the clip, the ground cracks as the eruption lifts into the air.

Like a bomb going off underground, the sewage pipe explodes and splatters the surroundings with wet and dirty human waste.

If you were watching the clip closely at the beginning, you would have noticed the female pedestrian walking near the site of the explosion. It is un-clear what happened to her, but we’re pretty sure she didn’t make it to work that day with a clean set of clothes.

Although the reason for the sewer explosion is not confirmed, the video uploaded Raw Leak claims it happened because the pipe was too small and started to explode when too much pressure built up in it.

More than a quarter million people have watched this clip on YouTube – and even more on other video platforms across the world. With that many people watching, it’s no wonder viewers have shared their reactions. Here are some of the top comments posted to YouTube:

“Looks like my living room every time I accidentally turn on CNN!” wrote Mookixox.

“After taco bell…” joked Oscar T.

Apparently Jonathan Isenhour took the joke seriously, writing: “I eat at taco bell multiple times a weak and never suffer from anything except excess gas.”

“Explosive diarrhea.”


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