CCTV Camera Records Sick Man Punching And Dragging Tiny Puppy By The Neck [VIDEO]

An alarming surveillance video shows a man in Dekalb County, Georgia, punching and dragging a puppy outside of a BP gas station. According to Thursday’s Atlanta Journal Constitution, the man in the video, identified as 26-year-old Kirby Crane of Ellenwood, has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for the incident which took place last weekend.

Crane admitted to the authorities that he was the man in the surveillance video, but he somehow forgot that he had punched his puppy and dragged her away. The man was arrested and released after posting pond – he has been ordered to stay away from animals. The puppy, dubbed “Begonia,” was seized and taken to Lifeline at DeKalb County Animal Services reported Fox 5 News – she will be made available for adoption.

Watch the video to see how Crane mistreated the dog (it isn’t pretty or suitable for everyone)

The puppy is now safe and in the hand of Lifeline and Dekalb County Animal Services.


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