Caught On Camera: Road Rager Repeatedly Slams Into Car At Busy Intersection, But Wait There’s More [RAW VIDEO]

Footage has emerged of a driver at a busy LA intersection who must have been having a bad day. The video shows the driver repeatedly slamming into another car in front of him at the intersection.

According Daily Mail:

The video, taken by Gus Juanillo, shows a driver in a tan car backing up and then plowing into a white car in front of him repeatedly in Huntington Park, California.

The incident happened earlier this month, during the morning commute.

Juanillo wrote on YouTube that he had stopped to get a donut and an energy drink for breakfast on the way to work just before 8 am when he saw the scene play out. Not only did the driver crash into the car in front of him, but he hit another car behind him when he reversed.

Eventually, the driver backed up and peeled out, hitting the white car and another car in front of it before speeding off down the road. As the car takes off, a hub cap is seen rolling across the road. It’s unclear which car the hubcap came from.

The driver was eventually apprehended, after running into five parked cars, KABC reported. Authorities told the outlet that by the time they arrived on the scene, the man’s car had caught fire and was inoperable.

The suspect was hospitalized for injuries sustained in the incident but was booked into jail after he was released. He is likely to face multiple felony charges. His name has not been released. The driver in the white car also sustained minor injuries.

I have heard that traffic in LA is ridiculous but there is no reason to act like this man. Fortunately, there were plenty of witnesses and the suspect didn’t make it far.

Source: Daily Mail



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