Catholic School Teacher Makes UNBELIEVABLE Career Choice EVER After She Loses Her Virginity. [VIDEO]

A church pre-school teacher and devout Catholic decided to sack in her job to become a porn star.

The shocking career change came after Blair Williams lost her virginity. She enjoyed the experience so much that one year later, she applied for ‘The Sex Factor’ competition run by porn company Hamster.

In it, contestants battle each other for a porn contract and a $1million prize. Blair won the competition and got the job. However, her parents are predictably not happy about it. Here’s what she had to say:

What’s hardest for my mum is the stigma around my intelligence or capability as a person because of my job.

I’m college-educated and had an academic scholarship – how else can I prove that my career was a thought-out decision?

There’s this idea that I’m not using my brain the way I’m supposed to, when really, I’m using the tools I have to succeed in a job, just like any other job.

I still believe in God. Religion doesn’t condemn you – the people who follow it obsessively do.

If I went back to my church, I feel like I couldn’t tell people what I do without being taken into a back room for a f****** exorcism.

I have a problem with people who like to speak on behalf of God. They place their fear of sexuality onto me.

People use religion as a weapon because they’re uncomfortable with themselves.



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