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Michelle Obama’s Church Outfit Sparks Controversy [SLIDESHOW]

We all know that in the eight years of Obama , he and Michelle did many inappropriate things.  Many many inappropriate things.  So, why should we expect less once they left the White House, especially when it comes to disrespecting Christianity?  Tongues are wagging about the totally inappropriate blouse Michelle wore to church.  In Italy, […]

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You Will Not Believe What Award BLM Just Won [SLIDESHOW

      International awards have been going downhill for the last dozen years or so, with people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama winning awards they don’t even come close to deserving.  The latest award announcement is in the vein of ridiculous.  The Sydney Peace Foundation in Australia announced Monday that it will award […]

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Man Has Had It With Protesters, So He Takes Matters

An impatient driver who ran over protesters demonstrating about tough new cuts told police he was ‘in a hurry to see his grandmother’. The fed-up motorist mowed down a group of people in his path at the protests in Brazil, leaving two girls, aged 19 and 25, with serious injuries. According to reports from Brazil, […]

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See How This Horny Hoarder Died From Porn

The porn industry makes about $97 billion a year. Compare that to $4 billion a year back in 2001, and you can see that it’s a real growth market. A lonely Japanese man proved that porn can be really, really bad for you after his amassed SIX-TON pile of dirty magazines collapsed on top of him…killing […]

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OUTRAGEOUS: Man Who Admits To Rape Gets Probation

A Kirkwood man who admitted having sex with an underage girl will spend 10 years on probation after admitting his guilt. Lentz Jean, 31, was sentenced Tuesday in Broome County Court for his plea to a felony count of third-degree rape in connection with the November incident. State police had arrested Jean Nov. 30, after […]

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Baltimore Looking to Fire 3 and Punish 2 Officers in

Baltimore Police Department has suspended three of the officers in the Freddie Gray case and are looking to fire them as well as dishing out lesser punishment to two other officers.  Does it seem odd to anyone else that even though Freddie Gray died over two years ago and the Baltimore Police Dept is just […]

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Two Women and a Man Arrested For having a Threesome

Two women and a man were caught having a threesome on a picnic Table outside a bar in broad daylight.  The owner of the bar saw the two women ages 19 and 26 and the man age thirty going at it on one of her picnic tables and called the police.  The police watched enough […]

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Woman Thinks She is Going Through Menopause: An Hour Later

A 47 year old woman started to gain a little weight and she realized she must be going through menopause.  Later on she feels severe abdominal pain and goes to the hospital.  When the doctors determined what her problem was, both she and her husband were stunned.  The doctor informed her that she was pregnant […]

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Families Post Pictures of Children Missing From Manchester Concert

After the terror bombing in Manchester last night, parents whose children went to the concert are posting their pictures in hopes of finding them, hopefully safe and sound.  The unofficial tally stands at 22 dead and 119 injured and who knows how many more they might find.  We also don’t know how many of the […]

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Man Converts to Islam: Murders 2 Infidel Roommates

Murder suspect Devon Arthurs was a Neo Nazi until he converted to Islam.  Once he had converted, he murdered two of his roommates he claims disrespected Islam.  Yeah, a group that murders innocents every day of the week deserve to be respected, right?  The two roommates had been planning on moving out on Moday but […]

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Here’s The Blooper That’s So Funny, Anchors Were Laughing So

Thomas Thwaites is an unusually gifted young man. He is an engineer, whose designs have won awards.  He is also a favored giver of TED talks.  (Technology, Entertainment and Design)  One day, he decided he had had enough and decided to spend a few days living as and with goats.  He even designed himself some […]

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20 Concert Goers Killed and Injured After 2 Explosions [Video]

UPDATE: Police now say they are investigating it as a possible terror attack. At the end of the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena, concert goers hear several loud explosions and there was a mad rush for the door.  At least twenty people have been killed and several other wounded.  The explosions took place […]

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RECALL ALERT: Massive Recall on Famous Hot Dogs

Memorial Day is right around the corner and it appears that some people may have to cancel their favorite BBQ hot dogs as both Nathan’s Famous hot dogs and Curits Beef Master hot dogs are experiencing a major recall after small pieces of metal have been found in them.  Fortunately no one has been seriously […]

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Doctors Thought Woman Had a Brain Tumor, But It Was

A woman went to her doctor complaining about severe headaches.  The doctor examined her then ordered a C-Scan, expecting to find a brain tumor, but none were found.  What was found was a bit scarier.  The doctors found eight tapeworm eggs in her brain.  As they blocked the passageway, they caused the severe headaches.  They […]

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Rep Luis Gutierrez Compares Terrorist Bomber to George Washington

Just before he left office, Barack Hussein Obama, America’s first terrorist president, pardoned Oscar Lopez Rivera of the FALN,( Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional)  who set off more than 70 bombs in the United States before his arrest and being sent to prison.  Rivera actually wanted what we all want.  Liberation of Puerto Rico.  It is […]

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Little Boy Accidentally Dialed 911, Writes a Letter To the

Remember the days of after school hijinks? Those precious few hours between when school ended and your parents returned home from work were prime time for misbehaving. One boy in Maine took things a bit too far when he decided to “test” 911 after school one day. The boy tried to make good on his […]

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Liberal Hippie Learns What Happens When You SPIT In A

It is one thing to disagree with the Government but why go after the guy from the front lines? A group of Marines was participating in the events at Rock on the Range, in Columbus, Ohio, over the weekend. According to one Marine’s wife, who recorded this odd event, a liberal hippie, out of nowhere, […]

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Trump’s Visit To Western Wall Sparks Debate

While Israeli officials welcomed President Donald Trump’s plan to visit the Western Wall, one of the holiest sites in Judaism, they disapproved of comments made by a junior U.S. official regarding the wall’s territorial status. The unnamed U.S. official told Israeli leaders the Western Wall is not part of Israel but rather “is part of […]

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Bizarre Trump Photo Raises Eyebrows, What Do You See? [PHOTO]

President Donald Trump garnered significant media attention for his visit to Saudi Arabia, but one moment in particular during the trip nearly broke the internet after it went viral. During his visit, Trump was pictured alongside Saudia Arabian King Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah placing their hands on a glowing orb at the World […]

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