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Ventriloquist Makes Lewd Remark To A Woman, Says His Dummy

A ventriloquist was taken by police for questioning that took more than an hour about whether his dummy made offensive sexual remarks to a woman in the street. David Sampson, from Brinklow, said he decided to speak to the Telegraph in a bid to clear the name of his puppet, ‘Grisweld the Super Dog,’ and to […]

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Guess Who Financed the Manchester Bomber

The Manchester bomber who killed 22 and wounded well over 100 spent a lot of money traveling back and forth to Libya and gathering the supplies he needed for his bomb.  But where did the money come from?  You should be surprised but you wont be.  Salman Abedi was on welfare and he got a […]

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This Is What Happens When You Try To Pour Water

  Have you ever visited Hoover Dam?  I’m sure a lot of you have.  But have you ever tried to pour a bottle of water over the side of Hoover Dam?  On that I’m sure you haven’t because if you had you would have one of the greatest vacation stories of all time, because gravity […]

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Here Is Why The Truck Driver Won’t Be Charged After

DURHAM, N.C. — Police say a man who drove through a crowd of protesters outside Durham County Jail won’t face charges. The May Day protesters were blocking the road while marching from the Durham Police Department to the jail, WNCN reported. The driver, Joshua Melocik, was attempting to drive through slowly when protesters stood in […]

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Pet Died After United Airlines Staff Put It In Freezer

A giant rabbit, who mysteriously died in the care of United Airlines, was accidentally shut in a freezer by a bungling staffer for 16 hours, a media report has claimed. Three-foot Simon, who was expected to outgrow his father Darius to become the world’s biggest bunny, appeared happy and healthy when he touched down at […]

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Muslims Pissed: Rex Tillerson Ends Tradition of Celebrating Ramadan By

Rex Tillerson has denied permission to have a Ramadan dinner sponsored by the State Department.  He praised the holiday but has refused to continue a tradition started By Clintonista Madeline Notsobright 18 years ago.  At a time when Tillerson is scaling back the budget at the State Department, it would hard to explain why Ramadan […]

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Tim Kaine’s Anarchist Son Facing Charges Over Rioting [VIDEO]

Anarchist Linwood Michael Kaine, 24, of Minneapolis, son of losing vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine has had three charges filed against him for his part in throwing smoke bombs and pepper spraying at a pro Trump rally in Minneapolis.  Linwood Kaine is charged with a gross misdemeanor and two misdemeanors, according to the St. Paul city attorney. […]

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Source: Sean Hannity Goes Into Hiding to Decide Whether to

A  friend close to Sean Hannity says that the Fox News star has gone into isolation as he tries to decide whether to continue to work for Fox News.  It’s no secret that the two liberal sons of Rupert Murdoch wants Hannity gone but can’t afford to fire him.  It would be a public relations […]

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Connie Nielsen of Wonder Woman Puts on a Display on

Connie Nielsen from the movie “Wonder Woman” was greeting fans outside the AOL Building in New York City, when a gust of wind whipped through it lifted her dress and revealed that she had forgotten her underwear. The 51 year old actress put on quite a show for her fans. She has been dazzling with […]

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Police Chief Shot In Ambush, Charges Shooter, Opens Can Of

BOONEVILLE (KFSM) — According to Logan County Sheriff Boyd Hicks, the Booneville Police Chief was shot early Wednesday morning (April 26). Chief Albert Brown and other officers were responding to a suicide call around 1:30 a.m. at a home in Booneville city limits when the reportedly suicidal man came out of the home with two […]

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Bella Hadid: Nice Dress She is Almost Wearing: No Imagination

Bella Hadid was the very definition of the word sexy as she strutted her stuff at amfAR Gala.  She and the other models were there to help raise money for Aids reserch and treatment. Every year, the amfAR Gala brings out the great and good of the Hollywood and fashion world – yet this year’s […]

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PepsiCo’s New Experiment in Protein Additives Will Make You Gag

PepsiCo is searching for a new protein additive for their drinks and snacks.  They are trying to avoid dairy, egg, meat and gelatin sourced proteins.  But some of the items they are testing are downright gross.  One of them I am very familiar with.  Meal worms.  I used to go to the grain mill and gather […]

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DHS Chief: ‘You’d Never Leave the House’ If You Knew

That title is pretty telling.  After eight years of a president more closely aligned with ISIS and Iran than they were with the American people, hid a lot of information on radical Islamic terrorism.  In fact they didn’t even allow that phrase to be spoken.  Now, we have people who love America in office and […]

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Threatens Chief of Capitol Police [VIDEO]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) used her position on the committee who sets the budget for the Capitol Police to try to extort crucial evidence being held by the force, to be returned to her.  The case is the shady dealings of the Awan family, who had access to several democratic members of congress’ emails, including […]

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Michigan Restaurant Owner Flips At What Ice Agents Did After

Sava Lelcaj-Farah who owns a restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan is angry after ICE agents had breakfast at her restaurant.  They had come in looking for someone who wasn’t there and when they found out he wasn’t there, they ate breakfast.  A couple of other agents waited outside.  When an employee named Carlos went out […]

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Mom Posts Video of “Rude” Restaurant Manager: She Never Saw

A woman and her friend went to a restaurant with their children to enjoy a meal.  As they were sitting at their table, the restaurant manager came over and suggested to the two women that they should quit allowing their children to run around the dining room, yelling and disturbing the other customers.  One of […]

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Why Are So Many People Gushing About Susan Sultan’s Looks

Just from looking at Susan Sultan, it’s hard to see why the internet is burning up with people complimenting her looks.  She is not ugly by any sense of the word but neither is she a beauty queen.  She doesn’t even pretend to be the purveyor of advise on beauty.  She does brag about the […]

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Best Of Black Lives Matter Rioters Being Run Over For

Black Lives Matter protesters are learning about the balancing act involved between the First Amendment right to assemble and the need for an ambulance to get a sick child to the hospital as quickly as possible. They are also learning that they should have paid attention to their moms and dads when they told them […]

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You Can’t Begin To Guess Why the Women of the

The bitter old hags of The View were criticizing President Trump today, like they do every day but one thing is different.  Normally, there are a lot of mindless voters out there who blindly agree with The View, but I would think there were many less today than normal.  So, what did Trump do this […]

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