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Teacher Sentenced to 2 Years After Sharing Racy Photos With

Jaclyn McLaren, 36, a teacher at Tweed Elementary School has been convicted and sentenced to 2 years in prison for sending nude photos to eight students, 6 of whom were her pupils.  She was also accused of giving oral sex to two of the boys and having intercourse with a third victim just after his 18th […]

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Melania Trump Turns Heads With This Outfit She Wore In

Melania Trump turned more than one head with the two outfits she wore in Saudi Arabia as she joined her husband, President Trump on his first overseas trip.  People were also impressed that she did not bow to pressure and wear a head scarf like her predecessor. During her visit, Melania had two well chosen […]

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North Carolina Drug Tests Welfare Recipients..The Results Were Shocking

The North Carolina legislature passed a law for drug testing of welfare recipients. Then Gov McCrory vetoed the legislation but then the legislature overrode his veto. If a recipient had a charge in the previous three years involving illegal drugs, they had to be tested. Their caseworkers were asking a series of questions that could […]

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Pasco County Florida Officers Called To Diffuse Semen Bomb

A Port Richey woman claims to be upset because she said that they outed her over a story about diffusing a semen bomb.  The 26 year old woman and her husband have been trying to have a baby and had received donated sperm, which they put in a stainless steel thermos along with dry ice. […]

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Kindergarten Sex Club: 50 Shades of Crayola

Six students were suspended for a month from a Racine, Wisconsin, school after it was discovered that they were simulating sex in the closet on a daily basis. The ringleader was a girl in kindergarten. After an investigation, school officials determined that students in one classroom were going into the classroom closet on a daily […]

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Trump Delivers One of the Best Speeches Ever Given at

Watch President Donald Trump’s speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — President Donald Trump will use the nation that is home to Islam’s holiest site as a backdrop to call for Muslim unity in the fight against terrorism Sunday, as he works to build relationships with Arab […]

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Watch This Personal Beer Drone Butler Fetch a Beer for

This guy’s micro quadcopter drone that he programed/built brings him a cold one with style. This means he programmed the drone how to navigate the rooms of his home to get from the kitchen to the living room and back. THIS IS SO COOL! Think of all the applications such knowledge can bring to you. […]

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Family of Four Build $1.2 Million Dollar Home in Just

A family of four built their own dream home in just four days.  Now, while it is true that it was a prefabricated house, those parts don’t put themselves together.  And in just 4 days it was ready for them to move in.  They were on a tight schedule because they plan on holding their […]

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Chilling Footage Shows Just How Easy A Child Can Drown…

Summer is indeed a perfect time to splash and dip ourselves into cold waters of the swimming pool together with our family. But, safety measures before anything else is strongly advised especially to the little children. However, something tragic might be on the brink of happening – and no one except for one lifeguard actually […]

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Woman Who Was Sexually Abused For 5 Years Cuts Off

A woman who had been abused by a religious leader who her parents worshiped, decided to take matters in her own hands and sliced off the genitals of religious guru Hari Swami.  The woman said that he would hold “special ceremonies” at her house, so that he could spend the night.  He used those opportunities to […]

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Here Are the Worst Places To Play Pokémon Go –

Pokémon Go has been all the rage for some time now. You see people going all over the place looking for and trying to catch the next Pokémon. We thought it would be funny to take a look at the absolute worst places to play Pokémon Go. H/T Abum

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Chicken Plays Operatic Aria on Piano Keyboard [VIDEO]

Sometimes you have to sit back and just be entertained by what you’re experiencing, and this is one of those times. The chicken is real, and I can confirm the keys being pecked are accurate enough. Enjoy Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro” by Jokgu of the Flockstars: H/T The Abum

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15 Bathroom Signs That Will Make You Pee Yourself Laughing

Toilets or washrooms are the most essential inventions, however they are often at our receiving end in terms of our respect or care. While in India, building a toilet in every household is still part of a developmental plan, you can only understand it’s seriousness and importance — because like this sign above a ‘bathroom […]

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Florida Teacher Traumatizes Student With Sex

There is nothing that destroys the psych of a student more than getting lusty sex from their teacher.  It’s a wonder that any of these kids recover from this soul crunching experience.  Now, seriously.  Although it can hurt a girl much more than a boy and while a teacher having sex with a male student […]

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How To Open a Can When You Can’t Find Your

Has this ever happened to you?  You feel hunger pangs coming on and you find a can of tuna but can’t find your can opener or it breaks.  What do you do?  Well, if you spend much time on the internet, you probably already know there are hacks for everything and opening cans has one […]

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Angry Retired Teacher Pens Open Letter To Parents

There is much finger pointing between parents and teachers over who is to blame for the disaster we call out public schools.  I believe there is enough blame to go around, but rmember all teachers and all parents can’t be lumped into one group.  Parents say that the schools should do a better job of […]

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Spoiled Daughter Kills Her Parents For One Very Disgusting Reason

Robert Simpson, 66-year-old, was shot by his daughter Brittany Simpson, 31-year-old. Simpson was then arrested and charged with murder and possession of a firearm during a violent crime. The local authorities in Mount Pleasant responded to a residence on Saturday Road after a 911 call was placed shortly after 6 a.m. by Brooke Simpson, the daughter of […]

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Ever Wonder Why Coke Tastes So Much Better at McDonald’s?

Have you ever wondered why Coke tastes better at McDonald’s than it does anywhere else?  Many people have many theories including the adding of ingredients or that McDonald’s over salts their food to make their coke taste better.  But wouldn’t that make their food taste worse?  There is no secret secret formula or added salt. […]

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Scientists Catch a Deer Doing Something Grisly on Hidden Camera

Forensic scientists at the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility (FARF) in San Marcos, Texas decided to do an experiment by placing a human corpse in the woods to get a better idea about how a body decomposes and which animals would scavenge the carcass.  They expected to see foxes, turkey vultures, raccoons and coyotes.  But it was […]

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