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In The News

United Refuses To Let Woman With Overactive Bladder Use the

Did United Airlines hire a professional to make them look this bad or did they just get lucky.  A woman who has a problem with an overactive bladder needed to go to the bathroom badly during a time that the plane was hit by turbulence.  The flight crew ignored her pleading and instead they handed […]

In The News

Obama Bio Reveals What He Did Thanks To His Gay

“Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama,” an exhaustive, 1,400-page biography written about former President Barack Obama that focuses on Obama’s pre-White House life is set to hit bookshelves May 9, and among other bold claims made, one in particular is that the president at one point considered pursuing a “gay relationship” after being inspired […]

In The News

Woman Gets a Big Surprise When She Goes to Dentist

Renee Beckler had battled  halitosis for years and she tried method after method and nothing helped.  He was able to track down the root of her problem and it was a little known disease, commonly referred to as tonsil stones.  Small particles of food latch on to the tonsil and basically decays there causing bad breath. […]

In The News

4 Year Old Girl Runs Out Of McDonald’s Bathroom Crying,

A 4-year-old girl was the victim of a cruel prank in a McDonald’s bathroom that left her with skin torn from her legs. Nicole Langmead was with her children at McDonald’s when her daughter Kaya needed to go use the bathroom. The mother waited a while for her daughter, and soon grew worried about how […]

In The News

Here Are The Personal Information That You Should NEVER Share

In this brave new world of hitherto unparalleled technological advancement and ever more startlingly sophisticated ways of living one’s life online, to say that it is easy to share far too much of your own personal identity would be a vast understatement. It can sometimes feel like it is all-but impossible to withhold personal information […]

In The News

Fired Employee Spills the Beans on Restaurant

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  That appears to be true about a woman who was fired by Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers restaurant.  After she was fired, she took to Twitter and revealed the recipe for the restaurant’s secret sauce.  The recipe is actually quite simple and there are no surprise ingredients.  As is […]

In The News

Woman Allegedly Removed From Plane For Showing Cleavage

A woman was attempting to fly on Spirit Airlines, when she claims a flight attendant told her she would have to cover up her cleavage.  The woman then put on a coat and tried adjusting her top but the flight attendant kept telling her it wasn’t enough and she was ejected from the plane.  A […]

In The News

Woman Goes To Doctor For Rash That Won’t Go Away,

A woman took a trip to the  Caribbean and shortly after she got home, she developed a rash on her knee that just wouldn’t go away.  She went to the doctor, who sent her on to the emergency room.  She was shocked to find out it wasn’t a rash at all but a parasitic worm. […]

In The News

Man Waits Until Marriage To Have Sex With Wife, Takes

A man was dating the woman he loved and when she asked that they not have sex until marriage, he agreed.  Little did he know the shock he was in for on their wedding night.  The two were married and on their wedding night the man found out his wife’s secret.  She was born without […]

In The News

This Picture is Causing Serious Controversy Can You Spot Why?

Dan Bilzerian, who calls himself the “King of Instagram,” because of the popularity of his Instagram site which features big guns and barely dressed women posted the picture in this article and was immediately set upon by liberals who can’t survive a day without bitching about something.  The picture shows Dan feeding a Galapagos tortoise […]

In The News

Teen Who Left Note That She’d Be Home Soon Found

Jamie Lee Allison Magras, a senior at Northwestern High School, was found dead on May 1st after leaving her house at 1 AM.  She had written a note to her parents stating that she was going out for a while but would be back by six.  She never returned.  Her parents and her stepfather’s company […]

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Twenty-one-year-old Mark Kilroy spent the first few months of 1989 joyfully looking forward to the getaway he and three pals had planned for Spring Break. It was Kilroy’s second semester of his junior year as a premed student at the University of Texas. So come March 11, when school let out — oh, yes — […]

In The News

Missouri Farmer Awakes To Find All 32 Of His Cows

A farmer was distraught to find 32 of his cows lying dead on top of each other after a lightning strike. According to reports from USA Today, Missouri dairy farmer Jared Blackwelder recalls waking up early to milk his cows at 4 a.m. Later, when he was, heading back home, he saw lightning strike his farm […]

In The News

Black Professor in Texas..”When is It OK To Kill Whites?”

Dr. Tommy Curry is a black associate professor at Texas A&M University. He teaches a course that’s almost as prestigious as advanced basket weaving called ‘Critical Race Theory’ and he is also the  Executive Director of Philosophy Born of Struggle.  What kind of job  can you get with that on your resume?  College professor. Dr. Curry […]

In The News

President Donald Trump Makes Major Shake Up..Will Make Liberals Cry

President Trump has announced a major shake up in his administration that many people have felt was long overdue.  He is draining the swamp left over by Barack Obama.  Expect dancing in the streets tonight all across the country.  President Donald Trump has fired FBI director James Comey.  That could be very bad news for […]

In The News

Marilyn Mosby Takes Credit For Skyrocketing Crime Rate in Baltimore

If there was ever the slightest doubt in your mind that Marilyn Mosby is a total idiot, this column should erase it for good.  Mosby is claiming that the new policing guides are due to her persecution  prosecution of 6 Baltimore police officers on trumped up charges in which she tried to hide exculpatory evidence […]

HealthIn The News

‘I Thought I Was Dying’: Ex-Hanford Worker Gravely Ill After

One former worker at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state was crippled by the toxic vapors from the radioactive waste tanks, while 42 current employees have requested evaluations for exposure. The Hanford nuclear site holds 56 million gallons of radioactive waste, stored in underground tanks built between the 1940s and 1970s. The waste is […]

In The News

EMERGENCY: Nuclear Waste Site Tunnel Collapses Declared Emergency

The US Department of Energy has declared an emergency at the Hanford, Washington nuclear waste storage site, after a tunnel used to store contaminated materials caved in. Personnel at the nearby facility have been evacuated, and workers elsewhere in the complex have been ordered to stay indoors and refrain from eating and drinking, according to […]

In The News

This is the Worst Water Hazard in the History of

If you play golf, you know the toughest part of most courses are the water hazards.  But some water hazards are much worse than others especially when it’s made up of two very angry 11 foot alligators.  In a sand trap, you can lose a stroke but in this water hazard you could lose an […]

CrimeIn The News

Should Texas judge who traded sexts and nude photos with

For a Texas judicial officer, ‘Here comes the Judge’ certainly has more funk and lurid meaning to it than the 1960’s musical comedy song and losing her seat could be the result. According to the Dallas News, Harris County justice of the peace Hilary Green, exchanged sexually laced texts, and photos with her bailiff and […]

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