Why They Starved Their Daughter To Death Is Absolutely Sinister…

One Mississippi couple is now facing a capital case for intentionally starving their five months old daughter to death.

According to the indictment, 20-year-old Kendra Beck and 23-year-old Takoda Miller of Poplarville were arrested on March 22 after a grand jury returned indictments against the couple on multiple felonies, including one count each of capital murder in the commission of felony child abuse for the October 2021 death of 5-month-old Kairi Beck.

The indictment also added that the couple intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly starved five-month-old Kairi Beck of the nourishment needed to sustain life or growth.

Another felony case was also filed against them after a second child who was 19-months-old at the time was found abused.

Law and Crime reported:

Emergency responders also reportedly found a second toddler in the home. The 19-month-old child reportedly underwent a medical examination and was then removed from the care of Beck and Miller and placed in the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS). 

WLOX also reported:

The indictment alleges that Beck and Miller deprived the toddler of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare or supervision, resulting in substantial harm to the child’s physical, mental or emotional health. In addition, court documents say the abuse caused the child to become infested with lice, covered in feces, and have severe diaper rash.

In a statement, Poplarville Police Chief Danny Collier said that:

The medical examiner’s report played a critical role in the grand jury’s decision to indict the couple in their child’s death.

‘Collier said the biggest piece of evidence presented to the grand jury in his opinion was that the medical examiner’s report determined the child’s cause of death to be due to starvation,’

Mississippi code says that capital murder is punishable by up to life without parole or the death penalty.

The two are currently held at Pearl River County Jail without bond and scheduled to be arraigned circuit court on Tuesday morning.

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