• June 25, 2024

Captured: Pic of Clarence Thomas’ Face When Trump Shows Up

 Captured: Pic of Clarence Thomas’ Face When Trump Shows Up

President Trump paid a visit to SCOTUS on Thursday, and the internet can’t stop talking about the look on Clarence Thomas’ face in the photo.


Thomas is known for his typically-emotionless demeanor—but nope, not on Thursday. Trump’s visit to the court was the first since Justice Neil Gorsuch’s investiture ceremony.

Although Thomas is African-American, that hasn’t won him any favors from the left. In the liberal mind, it seems that even being black or a woman or an LGBT individual isn’t enough to forgive the “sin” of being a conservative. The Smithsonian’s refusal to display Thomas’s portrait in its National Museum of African American History demonstrates one of the clearest examples of the left’s blatant discrimination against Thomas for his political views.


“The persistent efforts to undermine Justice Thomas … are part of a deliberate strategy to silence a conservative voice from someone who might serve as a transformative role model in the African-American community in particular, and the American community more broadly,” wrote John Eastman, founding director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, The Washington Times reported.

Trump was attempted to be labelled as racist, hateful idiotic bigot. As This poor treatment from the left, even those who claim to champion African-Americans, might explain why Thomas, nominated to the court in 1991 by then-President George H.W. Bush, didn’t look so ecstatic when former President Barack Obama visited the Supreme Court in 2012.

It’s worth noting Thomas looked significantly less thrilled during his photo op with Obama.

Some of the other justices, such as the extremely pro-choice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, appeared, well, less than thrilled.

Sources: ConservativeTribune.

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