Can your neighborhood playground slide explode like one in Wisconsin? [video]

For families and children one of the most enjoyable past times is to spend summer afternoons at the playground or park. But according to Fox News, for a child in Wisconsin that relaxing evening event turned out to be very, very deadly when he got on the playground slide.

The young 9-year-old Giuseppe Storniolo, was injured at Reservoir Park in West Allis when the slide that he was riding on simply bubbled up and exploded. His parents, brother and sister were alarmed when the explosion shattered the calm day at the playground last week. His mother, Diana, explained, “I just heard like a big explosion so I thought maybe something fell,” according to news station WTMJ.

The alarmed mother rushed over to the playground and found her son injured son lying on the ground near the distorted slide. The child suffered second-degree burns from the exploding slide. The explosion resulted from a hole that was created at the bottom of the slide, and West Allis Mayor Dan Devine, said the slide burst as if, “had almost been inflated,” reported Fox News.

To prevent any further injuries from playground slides the city closed slide from any other users and took it down completely.

Actually, it was a good thing that the city secured the playground area around the slide, because according to WTMJ that next morning children were still playing around the caution tape that the city had put up around the slide. The mom of the young injured boy wants answers and so does city officials.

9-year-old child badly burned by exploding playground slide - photo credit - AOL
9-year-old child badly burned by exploding playground slide – photo credit – AOL

Mayor Devine insisted that they contacted the slide manufacturer as soon as feasible. He said, “We had been in touch this morning with the manufacturer, with the designer, the installer, none of them had never seen anything like this before,” reported WTMJ.

Devine indicated that there are tens of thousands of slides like the exploding slide in his Milwaukee suburb, still out there. If that is the case, then hundreds if not thousands of children might be at risk unless an answer to what caused the defective slide to explode is not identified soon.

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