Burn A Bay Leaf At Home And See What Happens In Just 10 MINUTES! [PHOTOS]

 Burn A Bay Leaf At Home And See What Happens In Just 10 MINUTES! [PHOTOS]

Incense helps make your home smell fresh and clean, but using a simple herb instead of store-bought perfumes can do that and a whole lot more.

Bay leaves are typically used in Mediterranean cooking and have a distinctive flavor, but the healing properties of the plant have long been boasted — beginning with the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The leaves reportedly have a calming effect and also reduce pain. The smell alone may act as an anti-inflammatory agent and help to prevent epileptic episodes. This is all thanks to the compounds in bay leaves, which include eucalyptol, Cleverly explains.

Bay leaves may also help reduce blood pressure and are used for treating stress, as well as promoting a healthy heart and healthy hair.

To take full advantage of the effects of bay leaves in 10 minutes, all that you need to do is burn a few of them in a container. Make sure the leaves are dry so they burn easily. In just a few minutes, you’ll feel the full calming effects. 

Organic Facts warns that it is important to find a true bay leaf, which comes from the laurel tree. Leaves from similar plants can be toxic when consumed or burned.

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