Brave Lioness Stops Another Lion From Eating The Zookeeper [WATCH]

 Brave Lioness Stops Another Lion From Eating The Zookeeper [WATCH]

There are certain jobs that many of us would not consider having, simply because they can be rather dangerous. One of those jobs is a zookeeper, and although we would get the opportunity to be up close and personal with a number of interesting animals, the danger involved would far outweigh the benefits of the job.

It’s true that many animals get used to humans being around, but you can never forget that they are wild animals at heart and you never know when their instincts will kick in.

As seen on YouTube, two keepers were in the middle of a live show in the zoo with both a lion and a lioness. All was okay until one of the keepers on the right of the video started to stare down at the lion.

This probably triggered a dominant killer instinct in the male, and he started to attack one of the keepers! The lioness then tries to intervene, with success – both keepers got away safely after this incident.




Rafael Smith

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