Brainwashed Boy’s Epic Rant On Why We Need Communism [VIDEO]

Hot button words like socialism, communism and welfare are often misunderstood in America, and yet the mere utterance of these words makes some people frothing mad, whether they truly understand the meaning or not.

They hear “blah blah communism” and immediately start screaming about how “that Liberal should be shot!”, as if this is a fair and equal reaction to hearing a word they think means “takes my money and gives it to lazy people”.

But Dylan, aka “Sceneable” aka the host of this shaky camera show, makes Communism sound pretty cool, like houses full of other people’s money free for the taking cool!

And this is why we feel whoever is indoctrinating him with this nonsense is a blithering fool. Socialism alone is a very destructive system and it’s just a stepping stone to communism. Someone let this kid get a look at what’s going on in Venezuela today. The once resource rich country now has people standing in food lines who can barely get enough to eat to stay alive. That’s all due to socialist policies not that much unlike communism.

We know that he keeps turning around to look for cars (even though his camera would show him) but it’s hilarious nonetheless that he’s talking about communism and constantly looking over his shoulders. HA!

We’ll check back with ya in 12 years, Dylan! And in case you’re wondering whether Dylan became a communist because he was brainwashed watch this:

So, the father is the child abuser in the family. I’m sorry, but when you promote the most evil, destructive ideology to your children, you are abusing them.

H/T Neat-O-Rama

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