• April 13, 2024

Boy Discovers Parent’s Twisted Secrets, Then He Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

 Boy Discovers Parent’s Twisted Secrets, Then He Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

A 10-year-old Pennsylvania boy called 911 after he found needles in his parents’ bedroom.

Lakin Michelle Stoppard, 27, and Anthony Edward Young II, 26, have been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of children and possession of drug paraphernalia after their son called the police to report them for drug abuse.

According to YDR.com, the couple’s 10-year-old son called 911 from their home in Dover, Pennsylvania, to report that he found needles in his parents’ bedroom. The boy was reportedly aware of his parents’ drug problems.

When police arrived, neither Young or Stoppard were home. Another woman who was at the home with the child told police that the boy is “pretty smart for his age and is aware of his mother’s and father’s past history of narcotics issues.”

The boy showed police his parents’ nightstand, where he found the syringes. According to WPMT, police found a total of eight syringes, in addition to a glass crack pipe, four blue glassine heroin packets, and several other drug-related items.

While investigating at the family’s home, officers spotted Stoppard “stumbling across a field.” When she returned home, police immediately noticed that her eyes were glassy, her pupils were constricted, her voice was raspy, and she was having a hard time balancing.

An officer tried to ask Stoppard about the drug paraphernalia found in her home, but she loudly cursed at him. She was arrested on the spot for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness, in addition to the other charges.

The officer then called Young and asked to meet with him, but Young refused. When the officer told Young that he would try calling him again later, Young replied, “I doubt that will happen,” according to police documents.

Young was eventually located and was arrested as well. He was being held at central booking, but posted $7,500 bail and was released. Stoppard remained in York County Prison.

According to YDR.com, York County Children and Youth Services handled custody of the couple’s son throughout the process.

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