Bowl Of Half-Eaten Dog Food Has A Heartbreaking Backstory [PHOTOS]

If you’re a dog lover who can’t handle sad stories, look away now. Because the story you’re about to read is definitely going to leave you with tears in your eyes.

Easton Dufur recently shared a story about his two dogs, Stitch and Cookie. Easton said that when he brought Cookie home, Stitch took it upon himself to teach Cookie how to share food, as the pair would be sharing one food bowl.

Over time, Stitch trained Cookie to eat just half of the food out of the bowl to save some for him – and ever since, Cookie has been doing just that

This story about a dog's half-eaten food may reduce you to tears

But heartbreakingly, Stitch recently passed away. Ever since the loss, Cookie has been left with the entire food bowl to herself. But Cookie doesn’t eat all of the food – even though her owner says that since Stitch passed, she’s been given smaller amounts of it. No, Cookie still leaves half of her food for Stitch, to save him something to eat.

Alongside the story, Easton shared a photo of Cookie’s half-eaten food bowl.

Easton told that Cookie is the ‘kindest dog’ you could ever met.

He said: ‘She is always licking ya and no matter what if you are talking to her she is wagging her tail. She loves my entire family and also looooves to play. She gets nervous easy (especially during storms).’ ‘Her and Stitch were very close. They were like brother and sister,’ he added.

‘They took care of each other and cared for one another. As you can tell from the story she does miss him’

Yes, our hearts are breaking and yes, we just want to give Cookie a massive cuddle and tell her everything is going to be alright.

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