BLM Wants Money To Continue ‘Black Only’ Meetings

Black Lives Matter DC is asking the public for funds so that they can continue hosting their “black only” spaces and racial healing meetings.

The chapter launched the fundraiser in April with the hopes of funding free childcare at meetings, providing ASL interpreters and supporting their black only #BlackJoySunday meetings, among other things.

“We’ve shut down highways and built communities of love and support all in the name of Black Liberation. Over time, our core programming has expanded from monthly weeks of action to weekly black only healing sessions, monthly coordinating meetings & open houses, and regular multi-racial gatherings,” the group said on the fundraising page. “While we’re all volunteers, none of this work is free. We need your support to continue and expand our liberatory programming.”

The group wants to raise $15,500, but so far only 72 people have donated a total of $2,982 to the cause.

The chapter needs money to cover their weekly meetings, which purportedly cost $3,150 a month. The group hosts weekly meetings for black people to come together and process “racial stress” and to learn how to break “internalized oppression.” The group also wants money to pay for #BlackJoySunday, a meeting only for black people that allows them to eat, dance, or watch television together.

Various chapters within the Black Lives Matter routinely host black only meetings. The Philadelphia chapter of Black Lives Matter banned white people from an April meeting, while the New York City chapter hosted a black only party over Memorial Day weekend.

Black Lives Matter DC also asked for funds to cover certain costs for their leadership, so they don’t have to worry about paying for rent, gas money or health insurance.

“Lastly and most importantly, we need funds to support the emerging leadership of our ecosystem move through the world. As Black people in a city facing the ravages of displacement and economic disinvestment, it’s difficult to do the work of liberating your community while figuring out how to pay rent and feed yourself,” the group said. “We need your help to ensure that lack of gas money or health insurance doesn’t stop the work from moving forward.”

The group said that their work needs to grow in light of a white nationalist, President Donald Trump, being in office.

“Now that an explicit white nationalist is in office and a known white supremacist is running the Department of Justice, our work and our growing ecosystem must continue to expand in its scope and depth,” the group claimed.


E. Goldstein

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