‘Black Lives Matter!’: Police Officer Attacked And Threatened For Routine Traffic Stop

A man in Naples, Florida allegedly punched a deputy in the face at a traffic stop and yelled “Black Lives Matter!” when being taken to jail Wednesday.

The man, 34-year-old Anthony Denson Jr., was pulled over after a police officer saw he was driving without a seat belt, Naples Daily News reports.

After the deputy who pulled him over asked for a license and registration, a verbal argument broke out between Denson and the deputy.

Denson randomly accused the deputy of wanting to shoot him, and the deputy asked him to come out of the car. Denson refused, and the deputy threatened to use a Taser if he didn’t listen.

Denson then got out of the car but used that opportunity to punch the cop in the face. He was arrested.

Later, while being booked, he yelled “Black Lives Matter!”

According to the Naples Daily News report, he is being charged with: “obstructing an officer; battery of a law enforcement officer; threatening to do serious bodily harm to a public official; and driving while his license was suspended, second offense.”

This attack comes after a statistics show that there has been a recent increase in attacks against police officers, especially ambush killings.

Some believe this could be due to a hostile atmosphere by police created due to movements like Black Lives Matter that often paint police officers as racist.

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