• June 25, 2024

Black Boxer Brags, ‘I’d NEVER Let A White Boy Beat Me’ – Then EATS His Words!

 Black Boxer Brags, ‘I’d NEVER Let A White Boy Beat Me’ – Then EATS His Words!

A racist boxer who brags “I’d NEVER Let A White Boy Beat Me” eats his words and got a crushing defeat.

There’s a trick to trash-talking. If you can’t back it up, you look like a moron.

Nose-to-nose this boxer boasted: ‘I would NEVER let a white boy beat me’.

The 51-year-old Bernard Hopkins announced this would be the final fight of his career and Joe Smith Jr made sure he wouldn’t be the victim as the future Hall of Famer celebrated. Ever since Hopkins reached an advanced age for the sport, he has gotten by with his experience, defensive prowess, and guile, but he simply wasn’t slipping punches the way he had earlier in his career.

From the first round on, Smith was connecting with heavy shots and putting pressure on Hopkins.

A left and then another right hand sent Hopkins falling violently through the ropes and onto the floor outside the ring. He looked dazed or even unconscious momentarily. He was helped to his feet by ringside personnel and he had 20 seconds to get back into the ring.

Hopkins’ mouth has been writing checks his fists couldn’t cash. When it came time to pay up, he got absolutely CRUSHED!

It would be bad enough to talk tough and get knocked down. But that’s a NORMAL outcome to a fight.

It would be a little worse still to get knocked out. Embarrassing? Sure, but still within the range of normal outcomes.

What happened to this blowhard? He WISHES he had ‘only’ been knocked out.

Guess what, Hopkins? You didn’t ‘let a white boy beat you’. You faced a MAN in the ring and by the end of the fight, he made you look like a child.

Skin color didn’t even enter into it. He fought like a man. You just didn’t measure up.

‘I’ve seen him fall and I kept hitting him,’ Smith said. ‘I landed that left hook at the end there to finish the job.

‘I hit him with four or five clean shots there, good shots right on the button.

‘I didn’t expect him to get up but he is a true champion. I came here to do my job. This is my coming out party. I had to finish him.’

He was the oldest man to hold a world title, aged 49, but he was sent flying out of the ring in what looked to be an incredibly painful end to a distinguished career.

Sources:  www.clashdaily.com

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