• June 13, 2024

Watch As Bizarre Shakedown Scam Caught On Dash Cam

 Watch As Bizarre Shakedown Scam Caught On Dash Cam

An unidentified woman has broken up an amazingly bold attempt at an insurance scam with the help of her car’s dash cam. In the accompanying video, you can see as two men attempt to shake her down for “damages” she supposedly caused by driving recklessly. In the astonishing video, a moped rider and another man make an attempt to fake a road crash in an apparent insurance scam.

The video footage, which was shot on a motorist’s dash cam earlier this month, shows her view as she drives along a residential street. Then a man with a moped appears on the left hand side of the road and and pushes his scooter into her path as if to ride away. But instead he violently rolls the machine back into the front of her car as she approaches. Then he dramatically throws himself on the hood and windshield of her vehicle before sliding off onto the ground. All this as the woman driver shouts: ‘What the hell? You idiot!’

The woman gets out of her car, and confronts the young man and his associate who appears to have been taping the aftermath of the incident. The pair pretend an accident has happened right up to the point the woman tells them they are being recorded by a dash cam. At that point, the pair attempt to hide their faces and quickly run away. As she tells them: ‘I’ve got a camera. Do you understand you are on video, you complete idiot.’ The almost victim, of the scam, then calls the police and the pair disappear in different directions. The video was shot on July 2 and was uploaded online as a warning to motorists of insurance scams.

According to figures released last week, insurance companies in the UK catch almost 40 million dollars of fraudulent claims every week. Insurance industry sources in the UK say that over 2,500 fake claims are filed each week and that the claims amount to over 2 billion dollars a year.

Latest figures from the US show that fake claims here amount to between 5.6 and 7.4 billion dollars a year. A study by uSwitch recently found that as many as a quarter of innocent drivers have been unable to prove they were not at fault for an accident, leaving them facing larger bills. As a result of fictitious claims, some insurance companys are offering a discount for drivers equipping their cars with dash cam recording systems.


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