Best Of Black Lives Matter Rioters Being Run Over For Blocking Freeways [VIDEO]

Black Lives Matter protesters are learning about the balancing act involved between the First Amendment right to assemble and the need for an ambulance to get a sick child to the hospital as quickly as possible.

They are also learning that they should have paid attention to their moms and dads when they told them not to play in the street.

BLM demonstrators have taken to streets, roadways and even interstate highways to protest what they claim is targeting of black men by white police in a series of interactions across the country that turned violent when suspects failed to comply with police orders.

But while the First Amendment guarantees the right of assembly, it leaves road laws up to state statutes that pretty much frown on crowds blocking the streets and highways that people use to get to and from work, appointments and, on occasion, in case of emergency.

Although organized marches have brought traffic to a standstill across the nation, some BLM protesters have been struck while standing or wandering in the middle of roads, as seen in numerous YouTube videos, and the traffic-blocking tactic took a dangerous turn this week when protesters shut down an interstate bridge in Memphis trapping a family with a sick child on the way to a local hospital.

As Fox News’ Todd Starnes pointed out on air yesterday, blocking the road to riot is a crime in certain states such as Tennessee. Yet in many cases, BLM rioters block the freeways with impunity anyways.

If they weren’t violent wretches in the first place many politicians wouldn’t cower to their actions.  When you block a freeway you are breaking the law.  No jurisdiction allows you to bring traffic to a halt for protesting.

So here’s some Best Of footage of BLM people being slammed by cars where the drivers got fed up with being drawn into a controversy that had absolutely nothing to do with them.

H/T Red Nation Weekly

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