Bank Of America ATM Gives Woman Fake $20 Bill (Photos)

 Bank Of America ATM Gives Woman Fake $20 Bill (Photos)

A Seattle woman is annoyed after she said a Bank of America ATM gave her a fake $20 bill.

Darcy Fox went to the bank on April 24 to withdraw $300. When she got her cash, she immediately noticed that one of the bills didn’t look right.


“Went and got cash out of bank machine at bank,” she wrote on Facebook later that day. “One of [the] twenty dollar bills was frayed and worn and taped together so I went into the bank to get it replaced.”

While she was waiting in line she noticed that the bill said “Motion Picture Use Only” on the back. It was prop money designed for use in movies.

When Fox spoke to the bank’s manager, she was told the bank could not switch the fake bill out for a real one.
“I immediately ask for the bank manager as I figured they would want to know they were passing out fake money in their bank machine,” Fox wrote. “The bank manager said they can’t give me a replacement 20 because that isn’t a real 20 even though it came out of their bank machine.”


“I think [the manager] figured he would forget about the inconvenient truth,” she wrote in another post. “The reality is the bank committed fraud against me by pulling money out of my account and giving me fake money and not making it good.”

The following day, after calling the Secret Service and doing an interview with KOMO, Fox returned to the bank and spoke to the manager again, at which point she was given a real $20 bill to replace the fake one.

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