Babysitter Notices Something Odd On Baby Monitor, Decides To Take Closer Look [PHOTOS]

Mikaela Long, a popular social media personality, shared a bizarre picture of her baby niece sleeping while standing on her head.

Long says she was watching her niece for the first time when she saw something strange on the baby monitor.

The image, which is perfect for Halloween, looks like something out of Paranormal Activities or Poltergeist.

“This is my first time babysitting and idk where I went wrong but my niece is currently asleep on her head,” Long wrote.

She added: “Do I call the parents or the exorcist?”

Long posted the picture on Twitter and it quickly went viral with over 110,000 ‘likes’ and more than 55,000 ‘retweets’. Some responses to her tweet were that of fear and shock.

“Thought this was a clip from Paranormal Activity,” one person wrote.

However, others said the creepy occurrence was nothing out of the ordinary.

“lil kids are flexible and do stuff like that bc they don’t know its not possible yet. Just settle her. She’ll be ok,” tweeted another user.

Others commended the infant’s stretching abilities: “Been trying to do this yoga pose for months smh.”

The baby’s mother, who wanted to remain anonymous, told BuzzFeed News that her infant had been sleeping on its head for a while and that she doesn’t know how she does it.

“She’s been quite acrobatic lately,” she said. “It baffles me as well.”

But the child’s mother isn’t concerned and says her baby usually ends up switching sleeping positions.

“I think it’s just her settling down and getting comfortable,” she said.

Long is now capitalizing on the social media attention and posting memes about the photo – one of which, includes scenes from Paranormal Activities.

Hopefully the child is just practicing some gymnastics and nothing ghostly is going on.

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