• June 12, 2024

Baby Placed On Ventilator After What Man Was Caught Ramming Down Child’s Throat, Now Two Arrested

 Baby Placed On Ventilator After What Man Was Caught Ramming Down Child’s Throat, Now Two Arrested

A baby is on ventilator after her father allegedly ‘stuck his finger down her throat because she was crying’.

A South Carolina infant is in the hospital today after having major surgery and being placed on a ventilator. As it turns out, the horrific ordeal all stems from what a man decided to ram down the baby’s throat while no one was looking – and now, two people are rightfully behind bars.

The incident took place in Greenville, South Carolina, around June 10 or 11, when the child was crying for a lengthy amount of time, according to arrest warrants reported by WSPA.

Ricardo Perez Salas, a 23-year-old Mexican national, jammed his finger down the child’s throat causing severe trauma, according to police.

Salas together with his wife tried to cover up the abuse by holding off taking the child to a doctor for several days, police say, but eventually took the baby to Greenville Memorial Hospital.

The child had emergency surgery on June 13, and remains on a ventilator but is expected to recover.

Workers at the pediatric intensive care unit called cops with suspicions of abuse, and Salas and Marroquin were arrested.

It was found out that Salas was already prohibited from having contact with the child under social services orders as court records show. He is now being held without bail under an immigration detainer by federal authorities. He has been ordered held for deportation by federal authorities.

When it comes down to it, this mother should be charged with the same exact crimes as the man is here. There was a DSS order of protection against this man for a reason – to keep that baby safe. However, Marroquin chose to ignore it and let him inside their home where he abused the child to the point of needing surgery.

The child’s mother, 20-year-old Celeste Paulina Marroquin, was also charged with two counts of child neglect. Bail for Marroquin was set at $20,000 and jail records did not show her in custody on Sunday.


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